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Outsmarting Outlook: Pro Tips for Email and Calendar Mastery

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IS-3 AMA: The OIT Behind the Scenes Webinar Series

Interim CIO Nick Dugan and OIT host an “Ask Me Anything” session on BFB-IS-3 (aka IS-3). IS-3 is the University of California’s systemwide information security policy and all…

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"It's Complicated" Technology Procurement at UC Merced: The OIT Behind the Scenes Webinar Series

Join OIT and Procurement for our next webinar to discuss technology procurement at UC Merced. We'll discuss how & why technology procurement differs from purchasing other types of things on…

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Research Technologies - OIT Behind the Scenes Webinar 8

During this webinar, the OIT Cyber Infrastructure and Research Technologies team discuss the importance of research computing to advancing UC Merced's research mission, high performance…

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Classroom Technology or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love AV: The OIT Behind the Scenes Webinar

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes when a campus technology or service isn't working correctly? Watch this webinar to see a breakdown of our process including how we identify,…

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Jodon Ruins Everything & Visual Presenter Infomercial

Join us for a brand new show called, "Jodon Ruins Everything" in which Jodon annoyingly helps a frustrated instructor understand just how complicated audiovisual "standards" can…

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Introducing the Classroom Technology Support Team

Meet Ernie, Canaan, Luis, and Jodon, all striving to improve your classroom technology experience.

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Classroom Technology Support Service Delivery

Join Student Technology Consultant Laura and Classroom Support Technician Ernie as they race to help Professor Samuelson with misbehaving classroom technology.

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